Atsushi Fukui exhibition "something of the sky" "Something in the Sky"

Atsushi Fukui exhibition "something of the sky" "Something in the Sky"

Wednesday, September 9 - September 21 (month·Celebration) I am closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day

Toshihiro Someya "DISPLAY"

Toshihiro Someya "DISPLAY"

Wednesday, September 23 - Monday, October 5 I am closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day

Shigeru Izumi + Katsuo Tachi exhibition "VISION"

Shigeru Izumi + Katsuo Tachi exhibition "VISION"

Wednesday, October 7 - Monday, October 19 I am closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day

[permanent construction display] Jeff Koons 

[permanent construction display] Jeff Koons 


about us


The Japanese art planned globalization to make the world-class culture after the Meiji Restoration. The original sense of values unlike European and American art spread out to home and abroad before long and accomplished development until today. "The modern art" exists on the extension line of step and the history of each such artists.

Mitsukoshi has history 110 years or more as Art Gallery. I think that it is the mission that handles the genuine art that will exceed the point from now on for 100 years, and is inherited until now.

We raise it; "CONTEMPORARY, with contemporary", mean it at the same period in the present age. We think that further diversity is demanded from the way of the art that is a mirror projecting society now that sense of values diversifies.

Simply because it is Japan

"Sensitivity" of Japan and the expression that I presented rein "a history."

I accept various expression, and it may be said that the flexibility which sublimates to the culture while fixing the eyes on essence is splendor of Japan. I abstracted thought of ZEN formed in China, and there is "Wabi, rust" if I look back on history of the tea ceremony. As for the reception and the development of the sense of beauty seen in "the beauty of the discord" born from there, it may be said that extremely Japanese-style. And the sensitivity is succeeded to to modern people surely.

I affect the world of art of the world and the ukiyoe print of the Edo era when it came out of Japan's original technique changes, and continue being still loved. We rediscover history, culture of such a Japanese art, the value to create of the sense of beauty and introduce the contemporary art writer who can create new sense of values.

Diversity Diversity

The expansion of the foot of a look and the art of the reception to every expression. 

Furthermore, Mitsukoshi accepted many sense of values during a long history. Therefore I think that I might have been able to enlarge the foot of "the Japanese art" in the times when an art museum, Gallery did not bloom as now.

For example, the contemporary art writer uses the same paint for the aesthete representing the picture as a hobby, too. Can the paint not say that it is cheap and is provided simply because there is the large foot called the art either? The meaning of Mitsukoshi working on modern art is over there. And we express "Japanese art" leading to the future comprehensively, and we are taking pride in being able to expand the domain of the art now from the past.

With the change of the times, I subdivided the sale channel of the art, and the role demanded from a department store changed. For the past sense of values, I cannot compete with Change. Therefore, as well as some art styles and claims, I think that existence to be able to project an art aspect of Japan in a wide field of vision is just necessary.

We rediscover history, culture, a sense of beauty of the Japanese art while having the respect to a history of the art which pioneers opened up and introduce art to in a writer and the present age when I can create the new sense of values that accorded in the times. "MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY" suggests the way of the new department store art which there was not until now.

In new "MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY" in the future, please expect it.