I narrow it down by service contents


I cancel narrowing

Smoking Room

Various facilities | 6th floor smoking space

※From the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, I assume the use of the 6th floor Smoking Room a stop for the time being.

For free Wi-Fi service

Various facilities | Each Floor

I offer Wi-Fi service in for free in the building so that a customer can use comfortable Internet connection.
※By a model, you may not use this service.


Various facilities | 9th floor

Purchase product temporary custody

Various facilities, hands-free shopping | 1F south Information Desk

Timepiece lounge "astrolabe"

Various facilities | 6th floor watch & Jewelry

Rental of baby stroller

It is | for a customer accompanying rental service, child 1F south Information Desk

Child until - 2 years old can use it for two months after birth.

Rest Area

Various facilities | Each Floor

Rest space in front of the 1st Basement Floor, the 6th floor Wheelchair Accessible Restroom
(the vending machine of the drink is on 6th floor.)
※I offer a chair at each site in the floor.
8th floor roof space


Various facilities | 1st Basement Floor, 1F south Information Desk

Lah chic Connecting Walkway

Various facilities | 1st Basement Floor, 3rd floor, 6th floor

Sakae Store B1F Connecting Walkway
⇔ Lah chic 1st Basement Floor favorite market floor
Sakae Store 3F ladies' fashion floor
⇔ Lah chic 3rd floor Urban style floor
Sakae Store 6F Living article watch & Jewelry floor
⇔ Lah chic 5th floor smart style floor


Various facilities | A man: Cafés on the 1st and 2nd, 5th floor - 9th floor, woman under the ground: Cafés on the 1st and 2nd - 9F under the ground

Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

It is | for the customer who is physically disabled for a customer accompanying various facilities, child Cafés on the 1st and 2nd, 4th floor, 6th floor, 7th floor, 9F under the ground

Wheelchair, ostomate 1st Basement Floor 6th floor 
Wheelchair first basement 2F 4F 6F 7F 9F
Woman, wheelchair 3rd floor

Powder Room

Various facilities | Cafés on the 1st and 2nd, 3rd floor, 6th floor, 8th floor, 9F under the ground


Directory enquiries | in the shop Each Floor

When you have got separated from a person to accompany, please order it to a person in charge of the neighborhood. By the broadcast in the shop attention please.

Resting lounge for babies

It is | for a customer accompanying various facilities, child 7th floor

Diaper spare bed for hot water, Nursing Room, child for the milk formula

Public Telephone

Various facilities | 2nd Basement Floor, 1st Basement Floor, 1F, 6th floor

Cosmetic cabin

Various facilities | 8th floor

Rental of wheelchair, support car

It is | for rental service, a physically disabled customer 1F south Information Desk

Babies' Tea, juice, baby food, dry milk, paper diaper sale

It is | for a customer accompanying various facilities, child In front of 7th floor Resting lounge for babies

Dentistry room

Various facilities | 8th floor

Delivery acceptance (there are charged, a product excluding it)

Hands-free shopping, delivery service | 3rd floor ladies' fashion floor customer station

I see it more

Pet to the customer of the companion

Please refrain from a food floor, Each Floor Restaurants, a cafe, the companion to food-related Exhibition Hall.
 The consideration, please so that I have you completely put it in the carrier bags of the size to be able to progress by hand about the companion of the pet to a general floor, and other customers do not come to trouble you.

A guide dog and a service dog, the deaf person's dog can be accompanied in all facilities.

You are not expected

The building is entirely non-smoking. The smoking in the shop except the Smoking Room has you decline.

The photography in the building of other customers have decline to come to trouble you.