Job Opportunities

It becomes people and the jumpsuit hand of the times and builds the absolute value in the Nagoya market

Nagoya Mitsukoshi is supported by many customers and reaches the 40th anniversary of the opening in October, 2020.

It will change until now without forgetting the thanks that had you favor it to be able to help the customer even more.

Therefore a small size 4 store is united among the basic 3 stores of Sakae Store, Hoshigaoka Store, the lah chic shop, and the customer base which I cultivated until now makes use of various channel networks and will polish up "an area is most suitable" which came from each area as our absolute value.

I continue offering new value in correspondence with Change of the times and still always aim at being jumpsuit hand of "people, an area, the times, the society" and Nagoya Mitsukoshi where it is.

Grad hiring
Local limited employee, contracted employee