Special correspondence about the point rate of expiration date, the MI CARD of the MI point accompanied with temporary closure on the basis of "emergency declaration"


Thank you very much for your loyal patronage.


By temporary closure on the basis of a going out self-restraint request by "emergency declaration", I caused you inconvenience very much.

On the expiration date of the MI point, I cope about a point rate of the MI CARD in particular as follows to be able to use Mitsukoshi Isetan group in peace continuously.



[about the handling of the MI point expiring effectively]

The unused MI point becomes the lapse once on expiration date, but can use time again some other time.


●Target MI point

・MI point expiring effectively by (Tue/holiday) - Saturday, December 5, 2020 on May 5, 2020

・MI point online store-limited MI point expiring effectively during temporary closure on the basis of "emergency declaration" for a limited time


●Expiration date of the MI point after the special correspondence

Thursday, December 31, 2020



The special procedure does not have a necessary mat.

After the lapse, it is available again once in from three days to one week.


●Confirmation method of the point

Please confirm it in an MI point site




[about a point rate of the MI CARD]

When a point rate after the update is less than the update front by the amount of Purchase of the previous year, I succeed a point rate before the update.


●Target MI CARD

MI CARD the enrollment month from April through December

※The MI CARD that a point rate becomes the update on (Wed/substitute holiday) - Wednesday, January 6, 2021 on May 6, 2020

※"The MI CARD" is generic names such as MI CARD addition, Mitsukoshi M CARD, Isetan eye Cards, MICARD, JR MICARD.



The special procedure does not have a necessary mat.


●Confirmation method of the point rate

You can confirm it from Web MI CARD, MI CARD application




In addition, target MI point and expiration date, MI CARD may be changed due to various circumstances.

In that case, I will guide you some other time on the homepage of each Nagoya Mitsukoshi shop.

As I will work on improvement in more service to a customer in future, I would appreciate your understanding.



Nagoya Mitsukoshi

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