[guidance] About the use of digital ticket service "PassMarket"


About event, the sale to accept in digital ticket service "PassMarket", prior registration of Mitsukoshi Isetan WEB member and the Yahoo! JAPAN ID is necessary for an application. (except a part)

※"PassMarket" is easily an application, digital ticketing service of Yahoo! JAPAN available immediately.


[Mitsukoshi Isetan WEB member] Be assigned to this

・The person who is registered in Mitsukoshi Isetan WEB member from this
※The customer who is registered in WEB member is available in the same login e-mail address in Mitsukoshi online store, Isetan online store, Marui Imai online store, Iwataya Mitsukoshi online store, JR Kyoto Isetan online store, Isetan mirror online store.

・The new registration (only in the name, the e-mail address) from this


※In the Mitsukoshi Isetan WEB sign-in page, Internet Explorer is non-compliant. Please use it by other browsers.


As for the registration method, please see the following.

1.Necessary information input


①Input the requirements into each item,

②After having had you confirm member terms, I put check in the check box.

Finally I push the ③ registration button


2.Registration completion


A screen such as the above exits, and registration is completed. As the registration completion email is sent to the e-mail address that registered, please confirm it.


When it does not become the registration completion screen after having pushed "the registration button", and the following screen is displayed, it is already registered in Mitsukoshi Isetan WEB.


When a password is unknown, I can reset it with a login screen. You choose "" of the screen mentioned above, and please advance to the login screen.


When the Mitsukoshi Isetan WEB sign-in situation is unidentified, please refer to Toll free number 0120-566-281 (time in: for from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on/January 1 closure).




[Yahoo! JAPAN ID] This about PassMarket (link to the outside site)


・The new registration of the Yahoo! JAPAN ID from https://account.edit.yahoo.co.jp/registration


・About the flow of the use from this




[matter to ask for about the digital ticket service "PassMarket" use]


・I do identity verification on using it. Please bring a certificate (Basic Resident Register Cards, alien registration card with driver's license, Passport, health insurance card, photograph) for identity verification. The person who does not have the certificate mentioned above may not be available.


・The ticket becomes the format to have you display it with the smartphone of the customer. I may invalidate the presentation in the screenshot of the screen.

・The ticket should be an elected customer. Of the smartphone of the elected customer borrowing and loaning it may be not accepted.

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