Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Mitsukoshi Isetan.

All the customers


I give employee of Mitsukoshi Isetan and I say with "there is the person who is going to do shopping using Cards of the customer" and telephone it and say with "I let you contact me from the bank association as Cards of the customer may be used illegally" more and get the banker of the customer, an account number, a password persuasively, and fraud to visit the home, and to keep bank cards occurs frequently.

It is Caution (Please be careful…) not to make any telephone and certainly telling the account information such as passwords even if I have a visit, and handing a bank card from our employee or person giving Japanese Bankers Association enough.

An emergency, such a telephone if have a visit, notification would appreciate your talking with the nearest police station immediately.


Mitsukoshi, Ltd. Isetan